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“Carry the Card to Be a Part of Change and Take Action”

Membership Made Easy “ Welcome to the 2016-2017 Membership Year!!! There are many new and exciting changes to membership this year. I am the new Membership Chair and Helen Hoffman will be assisting me as the Nassau Region Special Assignee for Membership. For more information please click here 

For some of the other most commonly asked questions and answers please click here



To remain a unit in good standing the first dues payment was due in the New York State PTA office by October 31 Dues should be sent monthly thereafter.


Send all payments to:
One Wembley Court
Albany, NY 12205-3830

All payments (2 signatures on PTA checks) must be attached to the Dues Remittance Form
Include unit code number on all correspondence

Questions: Contact Colette Carrion
Nassau Region PTA Membership Chair

Colette Carrion
Email Colette